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Brings Reflection

Brings Acceptance

Brings Understanding

For many people it’s not easy to make the decision to start seeing a therapist. Our culture and society tell us that we should be able to handle life on our own and not ask for help. At Healing Sounds Music Therapy, I understand that it’s difficult to reach out for assistance.  

The truth is that there is no shame or weakness in seeking out help when there is a problem. We take our car to a mechanic and our taxes to an accountant– our mental health should be no different.

I’ve tried to make it easier to ask for help by creating a warm and comfortable office space in which to receive therapy. Clients can access me by phone, email, or text message. My client caseload is purposefully kept small so I can guarantee that each person receives the individual care they need. My schedule is flexible to accommodate early morning as well as evening appointments. Phone consultations are always free of charge.

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